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Reasons for Homeownership

YES Communities 06/23/2020

Owning a home is the American dream, the momentous moment in a person’s life that establishes adulthood.These days, owning a home that is attractive and affordable is a challenge within itself, not to mention the additional maintenance and upkeep of the home. At YES Communities, we take the work out of owning a home, making it not only easy, but affordable. We put together a list of reasons owning a home in a YES Community is the way to go!

Building Equity

When you rent, you are putting money into a home that isn’t building your equity. Imagine spending $1,000 on rent over the course of 5 years, that is $60,000! Wouldn’t you rather put that money into your own home and build equity in an investment? Typically, your mortgage payment will decrease as the equity of your home increases.

Making Modifications to the Home

Being a homeowner has many benefits and being able to make changes to the interior is a huge perk. As a renter, part of your lease requires no damage to the home, or changing the interior in any way, otherwise you may be responsible and that can be costly. As a homeowner, you can paint the walls your color of choice, hang as many items as you please and upgrade the rooms at any time of the year.

Building Credit, Buying Without Perfect Credit

Buying a home will always help your credit in the long run, if you are making regular on time payments to the lender; which will help your score gradually increase. At YES, even if you do not have what most lenders deem good credit, you may qualify for a loan and purchase a home.

Great First Home

A “starter home” typically is an affordable home that first-time home buyers purchase to get in the market. These homes usually are smaller in size, depending on the area and are a great way to not stretch your budget. Buying a YES home is a great way to get your first home and have real pride in being a homeowner. The communities are attractive and affordable; not to mention you’ll have a yard and amazing amenities that usually will not be included in a stand-alone home, unless you purchase them.

When you buy a home with YES, you can expect to live in a community environment, where you feel like part of a family. You will build your credit and equity, while also having the freedom of modifying your home, so you feel comfortable in your space but most importantly, you have pride in the home you are buying! 

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